Gateshead SSP

We are the tag rugby provider for the Gateshead area. We have been working with Gateshead SSP for a number of years now and have built up a great working relationship. Any schools that sign up to the Gateshead SSP sports premium and request tag rugby we go and deliver those sessions to a high quality. We also assist on the festival and tournament days as well as providing referees for these fixtures.


Sedgefield SSP

We are the tag rugby provider for Sedgefield SSP, any request for tag rugby that go through Sedgefield SSP we then deliver the sessions on their behalf. We also help out with any festivals or tournaments, as well as delivering stations on school fun days. We work on a 5-week block, encouraging teachers to get involved and build up the confidence to continue delivering the sessions once the 5 weeks are up. Our partnership is all about upskilling and creating longevity through the project.


Great Annual Savings Group

We have partnered up with great annual savings who are business cost savings experts. GAS have come on board to sponsor our Fit & Fed campaign, this is where we provide free holiday clubs in the most deprived areas of the north east allowing children to come along and take part in sport in a safe environment. During these sessions we will provide a breakfast and packed lunch to all participants.


They work with schools and business to save money on utilities such as Gas, Electric and Water to name a few. It is a very simple process and free of charge to all business and schools, a simple ‘Energy health check’ and they will see where they can save you money and reduce your usage. If you’re interested please contact There are savings to be made and if you sign up through us, you will secure up more sponsorship through GAS to run more Fit & Fed holiday clubs.


Rapid Roadside Repair

Rapid Roadside Repair Ltd is our new trophy sponsor, they will be sponsoring medals and trophies for all of our tournaments and festivals for the foreseeable. Rapid Roadside Repair is a mobile mechanical company that covers domestic, commercial and HGV vehicles. They offer 24hr call outs, Tyre replacements and all other repairs. A simple and convenient way to look after all of your motoring needs.


Impact Rubgy

Impact Rugby is our newest partner and has come on board to work with our partnered schools and clubs to provide the highest quality kits at a knocked down price. They offer a wide range of custom playing kits, training gear, and headguards all at unbeatable prices. If your school or club is interested in any of the above please contact to get the best deal possible.



Martin Nugent elite performance is a long-standing partner of All Stars Rugby, Martin has created one of the best performance centres in the UK and has years of experience within the strength and conditioning sector. They have a science-based approach to ensure the best possible results. Martin and his team work with some of the biggest names in the North East from a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, rugby and rugby union. Their facility is second to none and is open to the general public.


To find out more about our services for your school or organisation please contact the team to arrange a time to chat or for a free training trial.